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The Passenger Manifest: Caitlin Foreman on ‘Anxiety Wanderlust’

Anxiety and Wanderlust

To travel alone as a solo female can be liberating, exciting and full of discovery, but it can also be very nerve racking. I know, because I do it. For Caitlin Foreman the author of the blog Anxiety and Wanderlust, there is the additional challenge of managing the potential, overwhelming and at times paralysing emotions […]

The Passenger Manifest: Carrie Smith on ‘Van Life’

van life

  A lover of wine and a bird of passage, Carrie Smith tells us about life on the road in her van. Originally from New Zealand, Carrie is currently travelling around Australia and has been for the last 10 months. Having created a digital nomadic lifestyle for herself, Carrie is enjoying the adventures and experiences […]

Be INspired: Jaclyn McCosker and Saheli Designs

Saheli Designs

Starting up a business sounds hard, right? Starting up an ethical and empowering organisation, a little tougher even? Now let’s throw in a language barrier for good measure, and here we have it – Saheli Designs. A non-profit organisation working with women in India to empower, create and teach in order to combat inequality. All […]

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