Be INspired: Bindi Shah on Meditation and Life Coaching

The benefits of meditation have been well promoted over the recent years and it is a practice that I recommend often when meeting new friends or fellow travellers. My meditation practice helps to clear my mind and create space for my inner self to reflect which is vital, in order to maintain a sense of accountable and loving behaviour in my life.

I met Bindi through our mutual work with vulnerable young people and during the past few months I have shared Bindi’s free meditation MP3’s to individuals so frequently, that it seemed necessary to broadcast it just a little further. As a little extra, Bindi kindly agreed to share her inspirational story. From corporate work to self-employment, from having a job to having a purpose, Bindi talks about her journey to live a more balanced holistic life.

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The Beginning

Meditation has actually become key to my life and my well-being and I am forever grateful that it found me. I first become aware of meditation in my teens and did a little then but almost instantly forgot about this until my late 20s.

My business journey started after working in a corporate environment in Frankfurt, Germany. I went to teach English after university and after teaching for a couple of months found a customer service role in a large multinational telecommunications company. I loved living and working in Germany and progressed in my career to more technical roles. After about 5 years, I realised that working with machines wasn’t fulfilling me anymore and I decided to resign. The day I was giving in my resignation, we received a letter from the American headquarters about redundancies; it was about a month after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and being a multinational company, it had been impacted a lot by this event. So I waited until the end of the week to see if I would be made redundant and I was. It was perfect universal timing!

As I was ready to resign, I had already been thinking a lot about what my next step in life would be. I had found and experienced Ayurveda, the ancient health concept of India, earlier on that year and decided to go to India to study this ancient science. So I went from living in Germany for 5 years to living in India. The year in India was the most healing year of my life and made me realise so much about myself and about life. The cultural difference is vast and it took me 3-4 months to really settle in and allow the ‘Indian way of life’ to take over my being. I was still in my western urgency around things and when they would get done. This can never work in India as things get done in their own time!

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I have the knowledge now what?

After studying Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation for a year I knew I wanted to help people with these ancient techniques and so I set up my business when I returned to London. With the Ayurveda treatments I worked with physical ailments of the body and I quickly realised that around 80% of [my client’s] issues were actually mind-based. This led me to increase the level of meditation I was teaching people and also later to add Life Coaching to my business.

Working for myself and having a business was very different from the corporate life I was used to. I had to plan my own days and schedule, I had to learn how to market myself and I also didn’t have the stability of a monthly paycheck. These are things I learned and continue to learn as new social media platforms come into existence or new ways to do WordPress websites and there is a lot of time spent in admin tasks.

The importance of life coaching and meditation

Meditation allows people the time and space to actually listen to themselves. An art which is increasingly lost in the busyness of life. In life we are easily distracted, we go from one thing to the next and do not fully allow ourselves to simply ‘be’. Meditation gives us that time and gives us the insights of our inner-selves, which wouldn’t otherwise be heard. I fully believe that most of my results with clients was due to this mind-based approach. It has become an even more relevant part of my business over the years. My life coaching clients get to their deeper realisations through meditation and I have online meditations as part of my online Soul Wisdom school.

I discovered Life Coaching while I was looking for another mind-based approach to help my clients. I love life coaching as it takes people from where they are now and allows them to reach their potential and to fully move forward in life by letting the past go. I now use all my tools of Ayurveda, Meditation and Life Coaching to empower people to live fully from their soul or inner-being. A life lived in accordance with your values and your soul purpose means a happier, more joyful life. I’ve seen too many people who are unhappy as they are living out someone else’s life, hopes and dreams and not their own.

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Let me ask you

When I life coach people, I ask them to tell me what they would say to their younger selves. Inevitably most people say something along the lines of not to worry about what other people say and for them to go for their dreams. Too many people told me I was crazy to go to Germany. I was 24 years and starting my career in London. I thought life was to be lived and so I did it anyway and now, almost 20 years later, it was one of the best things I’ve done.

If you are passionate about something, go for it. Start taking those small steps towards your dreams. If you need to do this during weekends and evenings, you can still make those dreams happen. Being able to be excited and passionate about things in our ever-increasingly chaotic world is a blessing, so if you are excited about something, use that energy for the good of the world. What small step can you make today towards your dream? Turn off your computer and do that first, small step, now.

Bindi is currently immersed in the writing process and has a new life coaching book coming out soon. In the meantime the online school full of courses for people to take in her absence. Each course has a life coaching and meditation element to it and is all about personal growth and reflection.

To join the peace movement and learn some meditation practice join at the Soul Wisdom School. To receive further free meditation guidance and practices sign up to Bindi’s newsletter at Bindi Shah online.

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September 5, 2016

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  1. What an amazingly inspiring story; it’s quite relevant to where I am personally at the moment which is learning that if I trust in the universe all will be ok. 😍😊

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